How It All Started

Hiya! I'm Rosie and I'm 8 years old, my Mum and Dad made I wanted to tell you about how my parents came across beeswax wraps, and how they help against plastic pollution.


So, around about summer 2018, me and my Mum joined a litter picking group called "Wath, West Melton and Brampton litter pickers." They go around Brampton, Wath and West Melton picking up litter. One day, me and my Mum decided to do our own mini litter pick. Where we live, there is a patch of grass called the green, when we got there, it actually looked like a giant had scattered rubbish over the green! We found a, pizza box, a firework, beer and larger cans etc! We also found lots of single use plastic. It was depressing to see. Another time, my Mum said to some teenage girls who were walking dogs " aww, there cute!" They said " oh, we are only walking them." They were holding a weird pinkish looking poo bag. Then, when we went for a walk, we saw the same bag dumped 20 meters from a bin!

We were thinking of many ways to help wildlife in and out of the sea, by finding ways to cut out single use plastics.  One of the ideas we had was to make a replacement for plastic bags and cling film. Thats when we came up with the idea for beeswax wraps.

Beeswax wraps are good because they are a good replacement for plastics you wrap food in. They last up to a year with proper care! The can also be reused many times. They are a good thing to buy and are very handy!



Rosie Gillespie


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