Our key tips for avoiding plastic :)

For those wanting to reduce their reliance on plastic, or even completely remove plastic from their lifestyle, the day to day practicality can be tough. We've pulled together our key tips to help you along the way.....


1) Opt for unpackaged food when you can

The supermarkets are starting to get much better here, however, there are a growing and plentiful number of zero waste and refill stores opening in a town near you.  Wherever you can, opt to purchase loose fruit and veg, and choose either a recycled paper bag or appropriate refillable container.


2) Get better each day, progress can take time

If you aim to be slightly better each day, then over time the compound effect is massive. If you want to make the switch, then inevitably extra effort is going to be required. Think about how you can prepare for the day ahead. Water bottle, coffee cup, bag for life, reusable cutlery. Once you build this into your routine it will become habitual. Once you get used to it, it will become easier.


3) Lead by example

Someone needs to take the lead. If not you, then who? Leading a low-waste lifestyle in 2019 can be tough. Our society is not necessarily set up to support this cause. We are geared up for items to be cheap, fast, easy to access and disposable. By leading the change, and demonstrating how to live in a more sustainable way, this eventually put social pressure on friends and colleagues to follow suit. Your job is to inspire other to do the same!


4) Buy in bulk and freeze!

Many of our favourite foods come packaged in plastic. If the trip to a zero waste store is not so convenient on a regular basis, then why not buy in bulk when you do visit and freeze to keep fresh for longer. The majority of fresh food can be frozen, including fruit and veg, and will also make sure you've got plentiful supplies when you need them (once defrosted obviously!)


5) Use reusable food wraps

Obviously we wouldn't be able to put this advice together without dropping a nod to our own products:) Our Beeswax Wraps are a simple change you can make which will help remove single use plastic from your kitchen. Use them to wrap all kinds of foods, snacks, left over veg, sandwiches, bowls...... the list really goes on and on.



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