What you need to know about Beeswax Wraps

Although the concept of preserving food in wax has been around for centuries, for many people, the concept of a beeswax wrap will be entirely new. Put simply, a beeswax wrap is specially coated piece of cotton which you can use to wrap and cover food. This is a great alternative to plastics, cling film and tin foil which cause an issue to the build up of waste in the environment. The wraps are usually coated with a recipe of beeswax, resin and oil. We use locally sourced beeswax, natural food safe tree resin, and organic jojoba oil. The jojoba is actually a wax, and as such does not spoil as with some ingredients that are commonly used elsewhere when making wraps.

This coating makes the cotton waterproof but breathable too. This helps to keep food fresh for longer.

There are many, many uses for the wraps, but some of our favourites are to wrap cheese, to store loose salad and vegetables, wrapping sandwiches, storing baked goods such as bread, cakes and cookies and making snack pouches. 

Beeswax food wraps also make fantastic eco-friendly storage options for school such packs, picnics and work lunches too.

You can find them across the UK in health food stores, specialist markets and online. Obviously, you can also find them here on our website, and although not entirely impartial, we believe our wraps are the best you can buy.

How to wrap your food using a beeswax food wrap

If you’re used to using cling film, getting started with beeswax food wraps can take a bit of practice, but it’s very easy once you know how!

All you have to do is use the natural heat from your hands to gently warm your beeswax wrap so it becomes more malleable, bendy with a slight 'stick' to it. You can then wrap your food item and the wrap will stick to itself creating a seal.

Two of our favourite beeswax food wrapping methods:

  1. Place your food inside the open wrap, lift the bottom to cover, tuck in the sides, then continue to roll up like a Mexican-style wrap.
  2. Pop your food right onto the middle, lift two opposite corners into the centre and seal. Repeat with the other opposite corners. Voila! A dumpling-style food wrap.

TIP: The key to keeping your food fresh is to keep everything wrapped tightly with a minimum of air.

How to care for your beeswax wrap

The great thing about Beeswax Wraps is that they're re-usable. They are also very easy to care for when you know how.

After each use, simply brush off or wash with cool water and some washing up liquid, rinse and hang to dry. Due to the wax coating, they usually dry very quickly as any left over moisture will run off the wrap.

We usually roll or fold ours up and place inside a drawer until they are needed again.If you start to notice cracks in the wax of the wrap, don't worry, you can easily refresh the wax by popping into a very low oven for a minute or so. (No more that 100 degrees)

Alternatively, you can also pop your food wrap onto your ironing board, covering with a thin towel and quickly passing the iron over the top although this can sometimes be the messier option.

If you care for your wraps properly, they could last you for a year or more. We still have wraps from over 2 years ago that are still going strong.

Once the life of your beeswax food wraps have come to an end, you can simply cut into strips and pop onto the compost heap, or alternatively as we do, use as an eco-friendly fire lighter when the BBQ season arrives!

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