Starter Pack of 7 Wraps - Ladybirds

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What's in our Wraps?

Our reusable beeswax food wraps are a healthy & natural alternative to plastics. Made in the UK with beeswax, jojoba oil, tree resin, and 100% cotton. Handcrafted, from farm to table. 

Starter Pack Sizes

Each Starter Pack Contains 7 Wraps:

  • 1 x Large: 33cm x 33cm
  • 2 x Medium: 26cm x 26cm
  • 3 x Small: 20cm x 20cm
  • 1 x Extra Small: 10cm x 10cm

To Wash

Rinse with cold water, add a drop of washing up liquid as needed. Avoid heat as it will melt the beeswax. Scrub gently with a sponge if required. Fold your wrap and hang to dry.

Avoid Heat

Do not use in the oven or microwave as this will melt the beeswax. Do not use with hot food.

Key Features:



Uncover a better way to store your food all while reducing your impact on the environment. BeeKeepers is committed to enhance the lives of our customers community and our shared planet. The natural antibacterial & anti-fungal properties of beeswax & jojoba oil, help to keep your food fresh, and allow the Beeswax Wrap to be used over & over again.


    An organic and natural way to keep food fresh naturally. You use the warmth of your hands to help mould the Beeswax Wrap over a piece of food, bowl, dish etc. The Beeswax Wrap will hold its seal once it starts to cool down. The Beeswax Wrap allows your food to breathe. It will keep your cheese, fruit, vegetables, bread baked goods, herbs, fermented foods such as kombucha, kefir, rising doughs, and anything else you want to use them for nice and fresh!


      Made of Beeswax, Cotton, Tree Resin, and Organic Jojoba Oil. BeeKeepers Beeswax Food Wraps are 100% plastic-free, waste-free, non-toxic and compostable. Only the best for you and your little ones, or a gift for your loved ones. This sustainable process reduces the impact on the environment, and is a great way to keep your produce fresh! All of our ingredients are ethically sourced.

        KEEP IT FRESH 

        With healthy and natural alternatives to cling film, paper bags, plastic wrapping and containers. Cover a large bowl, pie dish, some celery, cheese, a sandwich, or anything your hungry stomach desires for lunch!


          Our reusable Beeswax Wraps can last up to a year and beyond with proper care. When your Beeswax Wraps' life comes to an end, you can pop it in the compost! Traditional plastics can linger in our environment for 2,000 years or more and won't biodegrade. A step forwards towards zero waste with help from the Bee! Our packaging is also free from plastic so can be fully recycled.


            Customer Reviews

            Based on 8 reviews
            Julie Allen
            Beeswax wraps

            Loved the very pretty lady bird design - bit disappointed that there were no actual 'bags' included but I had been waiting a long time to take the plunge with regard to purchasing some of this eco-friendly reusable packaging and was glad of the opportunity to do so at a much reduced price.... I cannot really see the smallest wrap being used very often, as it is VERY small, I have found the rest useful but only as covers for dishes in the fridge, when my main hope was to do away with plastic food bags for sandwiches, cheese etc... just takes some getting used to I guess and not sorry that I actually tried them - thankyou. X

            Really useful product

            Not used yet as it’s for a present but looks really good

            Starter 🐞 pack

            Have only used one as not had for long. Seem good, though, flexible yet sturdy! 🙂

            Arrived promptly

            I have only used a couple of times so far. The coating seems much thicker than other similar wraps that I have. I wonder if it will crack and peel . It may just soften gradually only time will tell

            Grace B
            Beeswax Wraps

            Wanted to try these for a while so decided to purchase for #plasticfreejuly and I wasn’t disappointed! Shopped about and these were the best value with the cutest ladybird design and they came the next day. Wrap my bowls really well. Thank you!